7 Steps To Finding Your Own Style


As I sit here and observe all the interesting people walking past, I observe the ones standing out the most aren’t the ones wearing the most expensive or trendiest outfits. I can see those that have learnt how to master the skill of highlighting their best assets and, at the same time, clearly loving what they are wearing. I am particularly drawn to the person with their unique style, not just the fashion they are wearing.

So how do you create your own sense of personal style that is authentic to you?

#1 Discover Your Unique Style

I realise that discovering your unique style is a process and one great way to do this is to create a mood board of all the things you love.  You will start to see a synergy with all the things you choose and this will help you discover your personal style.

#2 Consider Your Lifestyle

I know that some of us spend 80% of our time working, so considering lifestyle helps with planning a workable wardrobe that you will love to wear and reflects your unique style.

#3 Wardrobe Detox

I’m a firm believer that to develop your true sense of style, you have to first detox what is not working in your wardrobe and make room for what will work. It’s time to break old habits and create a new style.

#4 Know your Assets and Flaws

For everything you don’t like about your body there is a solution to minimize and down play your flaws. This will highlight your assets and be able to show them off in your new style! Knowing your shape determines how to dress in the most flattering way.

#5 Create Your Personal Look

Every great style is developed by creating your outfit as a ‘look’ rather than an outfit. People with a great sense of style have a strategy in getting dressed to create a specific look. Think about what image you want to project today. Pay attention to details that complete the whole look.  Wear your most flattering colours under your face.

#6 Shop With Clarity

When shopping for your next item of clothing, shop with purpose and clarity. Know what you are looking for. Know what assets you want to highlight and the flaws you want to minimize. Understand the right fabrics and cuts that will help you achieve your best look.

#7 Love Being YOU!

For you to achieve your ultimate personal style, you must first and foremost love the person you are dressing—YOU. I mean all of it—the flaws and the features—all of it.

A healthy mindset creates a style that others are drawn to. Simply because you are so comfortable in your own skin, the style you choose to wear is worn with ease and grace. Your style becomes you—and the clothing is the icing on the cake.

Stick this list on a board. Make it your next project to invest in yourself and create your unique style.

Please feel free to share your style challenges below.