Welcome beautiful, I am Kristina Savka

— Stylist, TV Host, Trainer and Speaker.

I empower women to step into their own personal brand and create their unique Signature Style, for business, camera and everyday action!

I give women guidance and support to achieve their full style potential.

As a woman, we are given a special role in this life—to show the world our beauty.

This beauty is not just about the external appearance but also our inner characteristics like love, nurture and compassion.

True beauty comes from within and shines on the outside. It is my mission to inspire and support as many women who want to take control of their own beauty and not be the standard expectation by media. It is time to really shine our beauty for all to see.

Never buy into the myth that you’re not beautiful enough. I am here to tell you that no one else will ever have YOUR beauty. You are unique and so should your style be.

I am passionate about supporting you to create your own unique Signature Style brand. To truly create your own personal brand, it is important to first consider your soul. Ask yourself the questions…..Who Am I? What am I here to do? Discovering your purpose will give you the power to create your very own unique message to the world—YOUR UNIQUE SIGNATURE STYLE.

kristrina savka stylist


I have been in the fashion industry in a handful of different ways spanning across 3 decades. I have dressed the Australian women with my designs featured in many major fashion retail stores. I have freelanced my work as a concept and product development designer, fit specialist and manufacturer. I have specialized in bridal design and special occasion wear which branched into styling, makeup, hair design and photography.

In 2000 it was time to share my knowledge and become a fashion trainer inspiring students to achieve their fashion dreams as Australia’s next talent. Today I focus on Styling workshops for any woman who desires to learn the tools and secrets to create the personal style transformation in her life.

I like to call myself a multi-disciplinary artist— I fuse all my knowledge together to give you the ultimate package to create your unique Signature Style.

What I love the most is seeing the transformation. The birthing of a new style and a new woman emerging—showcasing her unique Signature style!

Nothing gives me more joy and pleasure but to see a woman with the broadest smile knowing she has discovered her own Signature Style.


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