Wardrobe Re-Design !

One of the key tips to a successful style is the re-design of your wardrobe. This clears out your old look and makes way for the new you, to make your dressing, coordination and styling a success every time you look in your wardrobe.



Colour theory and psychology play a role

Colour and understanding your own colour tones is one of the most important components of addressing your style, brand and new look. This step is often skipped or missed – and can play a critical role in selecting the right colours & tones for your skin – that work !



Make-overs are important

Make-overs can bean integral part of finally putting together all of the components – Wardrobe | Hair | Makeup | Accessories in a final look that you then feel comfortable with and are able to do over-and-over again to maintain your brand signature !



Research and Plan

Strategic planning is the next step to creating a’style brand’ formula for yourself. This step helps develop a sense of ‘who you are’ and the constraints around your wardrobe in consideration to workwear, casual and lifestyle wardrobe development.



Shopping !

As fun and exciting and thrilling this step is – the experience is far more enriching when you have a plan and carry a specific strategy into this part. Your thought process becomes clearer and your new brand style plan steps into action ! – to avoid making previous mistakes. When executed correctly this step can really build confidence and a sense of continued brand strength in you mind !