Looking Good Starts from the Core


How many times have you silently said to yourself, or worse, heard someone else say out loud ‘ I hate how I look?’ 

Let’s face it—between juggling a career, life, kids, spouse and everything in between, it sometimes feels so hard to look ‘THAT” good. I totally get it. Unless you are born with hindsight, the chances are you are winging it with life, trying to do the best you can to stay on top of it all. 

Well, what if, just maybe, there was a real solution to help you look ‘THAT’ good? 

What if looking ‘THAT’ good was actually achievable and possible to start right now? 

Style is about much more than how you look. The fundamental component to mastering your personal style is in how you feel about yourself. Your mindset and your personal health need attention first. How you think will determine what you wear and how you present yourself. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, an employee, or an entrepreneur, what you wear and how you wear it is your personal ‘brand’. Your personal brand is the ‘image’ you give to the world. It shows who you are and how people perceive you. 

First things first—it all begins with your mindset. Cultivating the art of gratitude creates the foundation for all the possible changes you need. 

Second, ditch the standard definition of beauty and create your own. Trying to live up to someone else’s definition of beauty is a dangerous mindset to have. So, ditch this pronto! You are one of a kind—because there is no one like you!

We all have the past that we carry around inside us and these can create setbacks in achieving our greatest goals in life. A great thing to do is forgive all the past wrongs done by you or others. Continue to live, knowing that none of these past things no longer serve you. The greatest thing in life is learning to forgive yourself. This will release the negativity and improve how you feel about yourself.

These fundamental shifts in your inner being will create a great potential for making you the ‘complete’ person and will show the world your great style, inside and out. 

My wish for you is to see that you have the power to change and be your greatest beautiful self. You are here to shine as bright as possible. You are here to share with the world your unique self and that special thing only you have to share. 

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Tailored to Perfection


There’s something nostalgic about tailors, almost like chimney-sweeps—they seem to belong to a different era. Tailors come from a time when life was different, and our values were unlike they are today. They come from an era when we placed more importance on looking good—on presenting well.

A woman once told me, “You never settle for off-the-rack. You’re always asking, how can I make this outfit look better?” That’s what tailors do—they always make outfits look better! Many people have no idea they don’t have to buy off-the-rack. They go from store to store, thinking that’s all they have to choose from, or worse, they listen to the media and just accept whatever overpriced fashion is served up. As a result, their wardrobe investments are often poor choices. Most people have no idea how much control they have if they take the time to be in charge of their own wardrobe.

If you, like so many others, buy off-the-rack, you should always have your clothes altered to fit your body. Human bodies are incredibly diverse. The chances that your body perfectly matches the model your clothes were designed for are incredibly slim. Your clothes were designed for somebody else—at best. Most likely, they were just designed to be the least offensive to the most people possible.

They weren’t tailored to fit anyone in particular. They were tailored to an abstract concept of a ‘market.’ It’s the same story when you buy something off the rack that hasn’t been designed with you in mind—and it certainly hasn’t been designed to flatter you! Here’s a newsflash: the only profit the stores care about is their own. It has nothing to do with you profiting from a good investment piece that will flatter you and last a long time.

The point is—be proactive. Most people’s off-the-rack clothes don’t fit well, so they’re never satisfied. They’re always on the hunt for new clothes and end up spending a lot more on a larger quantity of ill-fitting, mass-produced garments instead of investing in a smaller collection of quality tailored pieces. There is nothing more flattering on a woman’s body than an outfit that shows off her natural curves, whatever size she may be. You don’t ever have to hide in a sack to fool everyone about what is underneath. Celebrate your curves and personalize your clothes to enhance your best assets.

Imagine opening your wardrobe and seeing a well-organized and perfectly fitted array of clothing. You’d be excited because you’d know your wardrobe is tailored to highlight your best assets and hide your flaws. Now that is what I call ‘tailored to perfection’! This is possible for you. With my 30 years of experience designing for women’s bodies, you have access to my rich knowledge and expertise to make you look and feel amazing! If you are ready to take the next step and tailor your wardrobe to perfection, please share your styling and wardrobe challenges below. I would love to help you become the well-dressed woman you want to be.

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7 Style Steps to Finding Yours


As I sit here observing all the interesting people walking by, I notice that the ones who truly stand out aren't necessarily wearing the most expensive or trendiest outfits. Instead, those who master the skill of highlighting their best assets and clearly love what they're wearing catch my eye. It's their unique style that draws me in, not just the fashion they’re wearing. 

So, how do you create your own personal style that is authentic to you? 

1. Discover Your Unique Style
Discovering your unique style is a process. A great way to start is by creating a mood board of all the things you love. As you collect images and ideas, you’ll start to see a synergy in your choices, helping you to identify your personal style. 

 2. Consider Your Lifestyle
Your lifestyle plays a crucial role in shaping your wardrobe. If you spend 80% of your time working, your style should reflect that. Plan a workable wardrobe that you love to wear and that suits your daily activities. 

3. Wardrobe Detox
To develop your true sense of style, you need to detox your wardrobe. Remove what isn't working to make room for what will. Break old habits and create space for a new style that suits you. 

4. Know Your Assets and Flaws 
For everything you dislike about your body, there is a solution to minimize and downplay it. This will allow you to highlight your assets and showcase them in your new style. Understanding your body shape helps you dress in the most flattering way. 

5. Create Your Personal Look
Great style is about creating a 'look' rather than just an outfit. People with a strong sense of style have a strategy for getting dressed to create a specific image. Think about the impression you want to make each day. Pay attention to details that complete the whole look, such as wearing your most flattering colors near your face.

6. Shop with Clarity
When shopping for new clothing, do so with purpose and clarity. Know what you're looking for, what assets you want to highlight, and what flaws you want to minimize. Understand the right fabrics and cuts that will help you achieve your best look.

7. Love Being YOU!
To achieve your ultimate personal style, you must love the person you are dressing—YOU. Embrace all of yourself, flaws and features alike. A healthy mindset creates a style that others are drawn to because you're comfortable in your own skin. The style you choose to wear becomes a natural extension of who you are, with the clothing serving as the icing on the cake.

Stick this list on a board and make it your next project to invest in yourself and create your unique style.

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