I’m an entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Stylist, Trainer and Speaker. I empower women to step into their own personal brand and create their unique Signature Style, for business, camera and everyday action!

My passion is to share the power of a unique personal style. I call this your Personal Brand Power. I help you create your biggest impact for your business and empower you to step out and truly shine to create your success.

Through my tailored Signature Styling programs, I teach you skills as we work together to create a powerful brand attraction that empowers you to live out your passion, share your potent message and services to the world.


The biggest question is …..Are you ready to create your biggest impact?


Within moments of meeting you, before you have spoken or shared your knowledge and impressed anyone, they will have already felt your presence, your energy and their eyes would have taken in your outward presentation. You have 7 seconds to make your biggest impact……before you speak!

As a Signature Styling Strategist I work closely with ambitious entrepreneurs and corporate executives to create this powerful Signature Style with unshakeable confidence to fully show up….authentically! With my clear success strategies, you can shift your focus from wardrobe mayhem and overwhelm to successful dressing so you can focus on what it is that you do best in business.

After a lucrative 30 year career in the Fashion Industry and exposure to a vast array of roles, I have founded my own Personal Brand Consulting Business.  I understand the issues you face dressing for your shape and the colours you should wear but I have also learnt the power of lifestyle and mindset and how this creates the perfect Signature Style.

With these combined strategies you will be ready to show up transformed in your authentic personal power and become the brand attractor for everything you do.

You become unstoppable. That’s powerful!

How do I do it?

Through Workshops, Group Coaching and 1:1 Mentoring.

I help you to:

  • Create a plan of action for all areas of your life

  • Create inspiration for your Signature Style

  • Teach skills and offer tools to create your Signature Style

  • Coach you how to have a model photoshoot

  • Coach you how to become a video vixen


My work is most important to me. It is my greatest purpose and vision to help others achieve their best version of themselves. Signature Style is everything you are and everything you do. This I believe is imperative for business and life success!

I am available for guest presentations and keynote speaking events.

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